With more than 100,000 attendees, 9,000 startups and 1,900 investors meeting all in one space, VivaTech is considered not only on of the biggest tech event globally but a gathering of the world’s brightest minds, talents, and products¹. This year is
Allure Systems’ first time at VivaTech and with that, an incredible opportunity to hear inspiring speeches, to network with other startups and brands and to celebrate innovation.

VivaTech is a key component of the business model of LVMH, a world leader in luxury who has a program called the ‘La Maison des Startups’. It brings together businesses and helps them develop by providing the resources necessary to create, produce and market their products and services². Thus, LVMH utilizes VivaTech to showcase the latest innovations of the companies that are part of their programThis includes the innovative software by Allure Systems – a proud member of La Maison des Startups.

As part of the LVMH Luxury Lab at the upcoming Viva Technology show, Allure Systems will pitch its image-creation solution and vision on the importance of diversity and size inclusivity in the fashion industry. This enables the opportunity to win the LVMH Innovation Award (“an annual celebration of innovation in accordance with the core values of the Group, stimulating creativity and excellence with inventive projects”³) , but more importantly it will accelerate visibility to numerous investors, journalists and tech leaders from all over the world.

Additionally, with its female CEO and Co-founder Gabrielle Chou, Allure Systems is also selected amongst the top 10 finalists of the Female Founder Challenge – a great initiative to promote women innovators and women in tech.

Come and meet Allure Systems VivaTech 2019 at the LVMH Lab (Hall 1, J30-002) and discover how the image-creation solution can help fashion brands and retailers display more diversity and inclusivity in their e-commerce operations.









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