Size Inclusive Images deliver results for GAP targeted marketing campaigns


Personalized and size inclusive images,  to provide a better customer experience. Amazon is known for being on top of their personalization game in product recommendation as they provide valuable and pertinent recommendations. Recently also GAP has made a grand entrance in this part of the industry. And by using their diversity of images  to showcase the size inclusivity of their brand they bring more results to their marketing campaigns.



Gap Inc. Brands (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and Intermix) appeal to a broad variety of consumers, so you would think that targeting their audience with one sole strategy would be the most efficient way to reach them. However, GAP has been putting great focus on their approach towards size inclusivity. By using dynamic content optimization (DCO) technology, GAP is able to design creative and customized messages for each of their audience segment. As seen in their campaigns, this strategy is comprised of diverse and size inclusive images. And it has been a success! According to Noam Paransky, Senior Vice President Digital at Gap Inc. “the marketing uplift efficiency is approximately 50% higher than it was last year”.


GAP’s marketing approach portraying diversity and size inclusivity is aligned with recent revolutions in the fashion industry. As The Fashion Spot’s report on the New York Fashion Week’s has shown us, the number of plus-size models and women of color on the runways have doubled between the years of 2016 and 2018. Social Media, multicultural populations and body positivity movements are creating fashion shifts from exclusive to inclusive. This means, GAP’s focus on targeting a variety of customers with their marketing images meets today’s trend of showcasing clothes by models other than the standardized tall, white, skinny girl. Doing so, GAP has shown to the world their acknowledgment that consumers come in all shapes and sizes. With this, GAP is one of numerous brands that have taken up the diversity and size inclusivity challenge and are consequently setting a new standard for fashion and beauty where plus-sizes and diversity have taken a prominent place in visual marketing.




The use of DCO technology leads to significant additional results, as it provides relevant points of connection, which is ultimately what everyone seeks in their personal customer journey. Creating these elements consumers identify themselves with are particularly important if you have a large and varied customer base. Simply put; by using more diverse and size inclusive images in marketing, a larger audience can be reached.





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