Instagram’s Checkout feature: A new revenue stream for E-commerce

Instagram’s most recent
Checkout feature has grabbed the attention of e-commerce entrepreneurs, as it will possibly serve as their newest revenue stream¹.

Image Source: Instagram

In the last few years, Instagram has made several developments towards becoming an ecommerce-friendly platform. While it has previously already  helped generating sales by driving traffic from their platform to numerous websites, it has now turned into its own established sales channel for ecommerce.

Checkout allows Instagram users to buy products directly from their feed, meaning they no longer need to leave the app to click through a brand’s website in order to make a purchase. They can simply tap on an item in a brand’s shopping post, specify their color and size preferences and then check out instantly by entering their personal payment and shipping information. This data will be saved from their first order to make their next purchase even more convenient. A simple concept that has been turned into a multi-billion idea for several parties involved ². Analysts project consumers will spend $10 billion annually through Instagram thanks to Checkout ³. 

The fact that Instagram – a network that was initially all about the sharing of photos and videos- is now implementing another step of becoming an ecommerce-friendly platform reinforced the importance of the visual element of a sale. It reminds us of the necessity of personalized and relevant images. Consumers in the fashion industry want to be able to identify themselves with the clothing and the model wearing it. Thus, tailored visuals is what people expect to see from brands, especially being in the era of data-driven marketing where platforms such as Instagram purposely collect user data to fulfill these expectations.

Yet, it is not always as easy for brands and retailers to keep up with these demands due to the many difficulties brought on by traditional photoshoots. Allure System’s image-creation software limits these challenges and offers a solution that provides relevant and personalized content through tailored and size inclusive visuals.








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