The wave of diversity continues its upward trend during Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2019


After a month of marvelous but also controversial designs, Paris wrapped up the last of the Fall 2019 fashion weeks with one of the most diverse season of shows ever. What particularly stood out was the collaboration of Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya, whose casting included solely size-inclusive black models¹. A spectacular moment to capture in the French fashion capital.

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We did not know what to expect from this fashion month, especially having read that some major brands are still not on board with the size inclusive movement. Nevertheless, in the wake of #MeToo that led to stricter guidelines for the protection of models, as well as the increased awareness from body positivity trends led to high hopes for a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable fashion month.

And we did not get disappointed! According to The Fashion Spot’s most recent ‘Runway Diversity Report’, Fall 2019 had the second-largest amount of plus-size castings since they started tracking size inclusivity on the runways in 2015. With that, the latest fashion weeks have presented plenty of noteworthy moments during the shows that demonstrated why pro diversity and body-positivity results are evidently on a rise. This shows us a clear continuation of the diversity and size inclusivity movement that has been going upward ever since 2015. 

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These increments highlight the promising trajectory and encouragement of diversity and size inclusivity within the fashion industry. And more importantly, it gives us hope and excitement for further developments. These promising gains are one of the many factors that motivate Allure Systems to spearhead the diversity and size inclusivity challenge for retailers and brands – who undoubtedly should keep up with these fashion movements to stay on top of their game.

We are hoping Zendaya’s inspirational show with a full cast from a wide range of ethnicities, sizes and ages was not a one time occasion – and instead serves as another wake up call about the need for inclusion and diversity in this industry – a long overdue change in fashion.






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