Asos showcases their garments online with several models of different sizes

  Consumers have difficulty relating to twig-like models that are the face of so many brands. Asos, one of…

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5 technologies that took the retail to the next level

  From artificial intelligence to blockchain, these five important innovations can help retail businesses make their processes more…

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The digital transformation era in the fashion industry

  Augmented reality is driving a new era in the fashion industry. Thanks to this promising technology, physical stores…

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When technology transforms the retail industry

  In today’s digital world, the way in which we perceive, research and buy fashion is dramatically changing. Technology…

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Zara targets millennials with augmented reality

Zara is offering a new buying experience by deploying augmented reality in their stores. Emerging technologies such as…

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catwalk AR

Fashion shows surprise with virtual reality

  For the first time, fashionistas were able to follow this year’s Fashion weeks on social networks.  More…

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Fashion AR

Why the fashion industry needs to know about AR?

  The leader of the most emblematic technology company shared his thoughts about advanced reality (AR)…

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